Hydro Vacuum Excavating

  • RCC vacuum excavates at Henderson State University in Arkadelphia, Arkansas.
  • RCC exposes a gas line in preparation for a directional bore by using a Ditch Witch hydro-vacuum excavator.
  • RCC vacuum excavates a gas line, water line, and phone line at the Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport.

Hydro vacuum excavation is considered the safest practice to visually locate underground utilities. Before you can safely cross or work close to an underground utility, you must first verify its depth. We utilize pressurized water to loosen the earth and remove the soil from a hole or remove debris on land. The powerful suction from the "vac" sucks the debris into the holding tank for a clean excavation. 

Can't find your utility line? Let RCC locate it and verify the exact location with a hydro vacuum. 


Vacuum excavation has many uses.
  • Utility Potholing
    The most common use of the vacuum excavator is to pothole utility lines for witnessing the utility's accurate location and depth. Having a visual location of a line allows for a more informed preparation when excavating or directional boring.
  • Drilling Cleanup
    Vacuuming bore or drill mud is another common use. When using water to aid in completing a bore there is typically a "mess" of mud left behind. We use our vacuum to suck any mud or debris caused by boring to insure that the environment is left clean and free of hazards.
  • Sign Drilling
    Need a hole for placing a sign? Don't dig or drill with an auger and risk cutting a utility line. We can quickly and safely excavate a hole that will fit the size of your sign. We typically excavate holes that are five to seven feet deep and two or three feet in diameter for large signs or billboards. We excavate a hole that will fit your needs.
  • Slot Trenching
    If you are in the need for a clean method of trenching for a utility line or fence post, we can vacuum excavate a trench that won't leave any dirt or mud debris behind. Vacuum excavating is perfect for trenching in nicely landscaped lawns or golf courses.
  • Water Removal
    Rain water doesn't always mix well with construction schedules. If you are preparing for a slab to be poured and need help removing water, call us. We can vacuum water on and around your building site. Also, we can clean out manholes filled with water and debris. 
  • Car Wash Pit Clean Out
    The vacuum system is the perfect tool for cleaning out car wash pits. You can remove the oil, grease, mud, chemical slick and garbage debris from the washout pits. Once all the debris is removed, you can utilize the high pressure water wand that offers 4 GPM at 4,000 psi to clean out the structure (i.e., walls, floor of the pits, grate overhead) leaving it clean and free of any build‐up. 


RCC is your hydro vacuum excavation company. Call us today for a safer method of exposing utilities, cleaning up boring mud or a clean and noninvasive way of trenching.


Recent cities we have hydro vaced in are Little Rock, North Little Rock, Benton, Bryant, Cabot, Beebe, Hope, Fort Smith, Maumelle, Arkadelphia, Ola, Jacksonville, Searcy, and many more.