Utility Excavating

  • RCC excavates around oil pipelines for Mid-Con in Little Rock, Arkansas. The project required visually inspecting the pipes to make any necessary repairs.
  • Fusing the last valves on, RCC continues progress on a chiller loop installation at Henderson State University in Arkadelphia, Ark.
  • RCC trenches for the installation of First Electric electrical conduits in Remington Subdivision in Bryant, Arkansas.

RCC provides utility excavating services for pipeline construction, utility company installation and repair and more. We install piping for electric, water, communication, gas, and oil pipelines.

We specialize in digging underground utilities and frequently work with AT&TCenterPoint EnergyFirst Electric, Benton Utilities, Bryant Utilities, gas and oil pipelines, subdivision developers, electricians, general contractors, school districts, state and federal agencies, businesses, and many more.

The Earth Beneath Us

The earth beneath us is becoming more and more congested with utility lines. If you have had a bad experience with an underground utility contractor not taking the time and precautions necessary to install or repair services please gives us a call. We would be happy to show you current completed projects and give you a list of referrals. We would like to work with you while giving you a peace at mind that you have found a partner you can trust.

Need vacuum excavating on your project? We also provide  vacuum excavating for areas where trackhoes aren't able to fit or you need a less invasive method of excavating. RCC is your Arkansas utility excavation solution.