About Us

We are a family business with over 37 years of experience installing and repairing gas, water, power and communication services. Our goal as an underground utility contractor is to give you service that will exceed your expectations and open up new opportunities for you and your company. No job is too big or small. Put us on your bid list or call us at 501-626-2801 for a quote on your project today. We look forward to working with you. 


Randy Carter Construction Co., Inc. was started in 1979 in Benton, Arkansas by Randy and Lana Carter. It was started as a part-time trenching business. While working at a local utility company, Randy expressed interest to a friend about buying a trencher and trailer. The friend, J.D. Grim, was the owner of Ditch Witch of Arkansas.  J.D. told Randy to go to work and worry about a down payment after he got on his feet. Today RCC owns over 13 pieces of Ditch Witch equipment as well as many other brands.

The only advice about business that Randy's father gave him was the most important. He said, "Do a good job for someone and they will tell a few people. Do someone a poor job and they will tell many."  The advice is still firmly grounded in the company.

RCC's most important asset is their employees. They have the expertise and outstanding qualities such as loyalty, great work ethics and excellent character. Randy considers his employees as his family and it shows in their work. A life-long friend, Eric Vinyard (owner of Eric Vinyard Construction Co.), has been a sub-contractor working with RCC for over 28 years. His family and employees have added to the work force with experience and the same values.

We want to thank the many people over the years that have been a part of the growth of RCC, including customers, our amazing employees past and present, our family and our sons, Lance and Nick. Most importantly, we give thanks to our heavenly Father that has blessed us so much.

Thank you for considering our services. We would like to be a part of your success.